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Walt Morey is an award-winning author of numerous works of children's fiction, mostly set in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Alaska, the places where Morey lived for all of his life. He wrote a total of 17 published books most of which involve as a central plot element the relationship between man and animals. Many of his works involve survival stories, or persons going into the wild to "discover" themselves; redemption through nature is a common theme of Morey's works. Early in his writing career, he also published numerous short pulp fiction stories. For much of his life, he was a boxer and diver, in addition to being a writer. His book Gentle Ben was the basis for the movie and television show of the same name. Bibliografie * No Cheers, No Glory (1945) * Gentle Ben (1965) * Kavik the Wolf Dog (1968) * Angry Waters (1969) * Runaway Stallion (1970) * Gloomy Gus (1970) * Deep Trouble (1971) * The Bear of Friday Creek (1971) * Scrub Dog of Alaska (1971) * Canyon Winter (1972) * Home is the North (1973) * Run Far, Run Fast (1974) * Operation Blue Bear (1975) * Year of the Black Pony (1976) * Sandy and the Rock Star (1979) * Hero (1980) * The Lemon Meringue Dog (1980) * Death Walk (1991) Ceny Morey has won the following awards: * Dutton Junior Animal Book Award for Gentle Ben and Kavik the Wolf Dog * Sequoia Book Award, * Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award.

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